You could fill a swimming pool
with the water you're losing to leaks

Stop worrying about expensive water bills and leaks. Buoy™ tells you how and where you use water, notifies you when you have a leak, and shuts off your water in an emergency.

One single device

manages all your household water needs

Real-time information you can understand
Buoy's free app is available on the web or for your iOS or Android device. Learn how and where you're using water, and get notified when you have leaks or other unusual water use. When you're ready to dig deeper, Buoy has lots of information to share about water use best practices, energy efficient appliances, and more.
Remote shut-off
You can shut off your home's water from the app, and investigate any leaks when you return. It's great for preventing damage from burst pipes if you can't get home in a hurry, but it's also helpful for the everyday leaks that are wasting your water and your money.
Leak notifications
Did you know that a running toilet could double your household's daily water use? Shut off your water when you receive a leak notification, and you can avoid that waste until you're able to investigate!
Actionable insights
See how you're doing compared to your neighbors and meet your water district's goals! Budget water for that new lawn or pool. Learn easy steps you can take to get your water bill under control, without making big sacrifices to your lifestyle.

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Keri Waters
Calliope CEO
If you're comfortable cutting a pipe in two places, you can install Buoy yourself! Or, it's a simple process for any qualified plumber.

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